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About Jr. Olys 

Who are the Jr. OLYS? 

Junior Oly Youth Basketball is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2014. The goal for the Jr. Oly Youth Basketball is to give youth basketball players in the Sprague Community a high-level youth basketball experience encompassing, but not limited to:

Goals of the Jr. OLYS Youth Basketball Program

1. Future Sprague Basketball Players Playing Together: One of the primary goals of the Jr. OLY Basketball program is to have kids that live in the Sprague School Boundaries play together and create continuity before they reach high school. This will create increased team chemistry and understanding of systems once the student-athletes reach Sprague High School. 


2. Competitive Basketball Environment: Through playing really good prep teams from around the state of Oregon (6 tournaments per team) we hope to create a competitive basketball environment that fosters players and teams getting better week by week throughout the course of the season. 


3. Increased Skill Development/Athletic Development Trainings: Through our partnership with “The PAC” and their state of the art/new facility - we are able to offer skill development and athletic development training sessions throughout the course of the season. Hopefully this will take our student-athletes to the next level of developing their game. 


4. Create a Vertically Integrated Basketball Program: In an attempt to create a “vertically integrated basketball program” Jr. OLY Basketball coaches will meet with the Sprague Basketball staff and talk about offensive/defensive philosophies that the Sprague Basketball Program runs. The hope is that 5th Graders will start learning the basics of the offensive/defensive philosophies that the Sprague Varsity basketball team runs. 


5. Access to the Sprague Basketball Program: Jr. OLY Teams will have an opportunity to sit behind the bench during a varsity basketball game, meet the coaching staff/players, and have a chance to come into the locker room before a game. 


6. Have Fun and Create a Passion for Basketball In Our Athletes: Throughout the course of practices, games, events, clinics, and camps our hope is that as many players continue loving to play basketball and create a passion for basketball that lasts through their life.  


Who Runs the Jr. Oly Youth Basketball Program? 

Co-President (Boys Teams): Jordan Graneto (Varsity Boys Basketball Coach @ Sprague High School) 

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Co-President (Girls Teams): Kevan Hanson (Varsity Girls Basketball Coach @ Sprague High School)

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Director of Operations: Coach Hemingway (Co-President of Youth Stars/Co-Owner of "The PAC")

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